Everest Expedition Team Member – Sam Wyatt

Samuel Nirabadhi Wyatt is a Vancouver Realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Services.  Amongst his diverse interests, Sam is a performer, lecturer on meditation and an avid mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast.

Sam has performed in plays including the New York Off-Off Broadway production of Great Indian Meals and worked locally on several films as a featured extra including Good Luck Chuck in which he appears as the Groom in the wedding scene.  Sam is a charismatic and engaging character.

As an advocate for the practice of meditation, Sam provides free weekly meditation classes to the public every Tuesday evening at the Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace.  “Nirabadhi” is a name given to him by contemporary Spiritual Teacher Sri Chinmoy.  High integrity, honesty and diligence are hallmarks of Sam’s work.

Sam has successfully scaled big peaks around the world including Denali (6194m) in Alaska, Huascuran (6768 – solo) in Peru, and Cho-Oyu (8201m), the sixth highest mountain in the world without oxygen or sherpa support.  Sam has also run the West Coast trail in one day (on three separate occasions); he is always up for a challenge.

Enthusiasm, dynamism and determination are his watchwords.   Sam attempted to climb Everest (8850m) via its North Ridge in the spring of 2009 and he is excited to be returning to carry the World Harmony Run torch to the summit this spring.

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Jenn Lowther, Founder and Chief Strategist at Indaba Digital, is an award-winning digital marketing specialist with over six years’ experience in corporate and campaign strategy at some of North America’s leading digital agencies.
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3 Responses to Everest Expedition Team Member – Sam Wyatt

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  2. Ewen Cameron says:

    Sam…just spent the May 24 weekend at the cottage and heard of your summit. That is amazing, I had no idea you were attempting such an incredible task. Hope you make it back safe and can’t wait to hear stories when you come to the cottage!! Ewen

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